Customer Support

1),Our Buying Policy

In our quest for the highest quality we source our raw materials from only the very best companies. We aim to build strong relationships with our suppliers so that we can be confident in their quality, to maintain our high standards.

2),Our Commitment to Service

As a privately owned, family company service is of utmost importance to us. We strive to ensure that all our customers receive the information and service they deserve.

3),Our Environmental Policy

At Shanghai Binghuo Arts&Crafts Co.,Ltd we operate a policy of caring for the environment in all aspects of the business; from the products we design, to the way we package them, to the way we transport them, to the way we deal with disposal of waste products, to the vehicles we use, to our choice of raw materials and, as we have already said, from where we choose to buy them. These are just some of the ways we choose to make what we do as environmentally friendly as possible. At the heart of the design of the products that we make, is the attempt to achieve high efficiencies, so that they will consume less of the earths resources in heating your home. An example of this is our woodburning stoves that use one of the few fuels that are renewable within our own lifespan, thus conserving other fuels that are diminishing over the years.

We hope this gives you a sense of who we are as a company, our individual business websites will give you a better idea of the products we make and the benefits they bring. Our aim is that by combining high quality products together with excellent service, from a company dedicated to looking after its customers, you will have full confidence in all our products.

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